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Raising awareness now to continue all year long

There are plenty of “awareness” months all throughout the year that definitely deserve our attention. One of those issues highlighted every October is domestic violence ... Read more

3 days ago by Holly Taylor.

Sexy onions, sewage & missed trifectas

While we, as Americans, are locked in a blue-red battle over which alligator will be in control of the swamp for the next four years, ... Read more

6 days ago by Cal Bryant.

When the odds are unknown

A favorite pastime among me and my cousins has always been a good game of poker. Perhaps playing several rousing rounds of Texas Hold’em is ... Read more

1 week ago by Holly Taylor.

Voters victimized by sex and politics

While many were startled by the breaking news this past weekend regarding U.S. Senate hopeful Cal Cunningham confirming he had exchanged several sexually related texts ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Halloween

Whether you love Fall or hate it, it’s undeniable that the season is finally upon us. Temperatures have cooled off just enough that you don’t ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Holly Taylor.

Standing in the presence of greatness

One hundred years…..that’s how long Cecil Taylor of Gates County has been around. As I stood outside his home on Saturday, Sept. 19 and waited ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

The Atlantic Ocean needs to calm down

How well do you know the Greek alphabet? Unless you were in a fraternity or sorority in college, probably not that well. I certainly can ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Holly Taylor.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

The words in the headline above are included on hundreds of websites…from those promoting health and nutrition; to personal blogs; to religious based organizations. But ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

Thinking about the “good old days” of the past

Confession: I used to think air travel was a new thing invented in the 1990’s. That’s the decade I grew up in, absorbing tons of ... Read more

1 month ago by Holly Taylor.

Help us to help you remain informed

It’s not a highly guarded trade secret that newspapers, from the large metros to the small market publications that cover rural America, are experiencing declines ... Read more

1 month ago by Cal Bryant.

How to: [insert suggested title here]

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” That’s the old saying, anyway. It’s a simple way of reminding people to not rely on first impressions. ... Read more

1 month ago by Holly Taylor.

Celebrate freedom each and every day

Friday, September 11, 2020 marked the passage of 19 years since this nation’s peace and calm were shattered by coordinated terrorist attacks on New York ... Read more

1 month ago by Cal Bryant.

‘The way it is’…….50 years later

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a person of average means could build a new home for about $23,000. They could ... Read more

1 month ago by Cal Bryant.

Leaving a lasting impact before you go

More than two years ago, back before the pandemic made going to the movies a bit of a health hazard, I drove to my usual ... Read more

2 months ago by Holly Taylor.

Organize your shelves with lots of good books

Do you remember the scene in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” where Belle gets to see the castle’s library for the first time? She stares ... Read more

2 months ago by Holly Taylor.

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