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Back to School Bash was a great success

To the Editor: The Ahoskie Community and Youth Academy, located at the Ahoskie Recreation Center, would like to thank each and every one that came ... Read more

1 day ago by Letters to the Editor.

Working to honor COVID-19 victims

To the Editor: My name is Jessica Ayers. I live in York, SC and graduated from Clover High School. My dad, Ernest Wade Ayers, Jr., ... Read more

1 day ago by Letters to the Editor.

Watch out for upside down rhinos and potty-trained cows

While browsing the Internet this week, I stumbled across some truly bizarre animal stories (and a few not-so-bizarre-but-still-interesting ones too). So if you’ve missed out ... Read more

1 day ago by Holly Taylor.

There’s always a miracle waiting to happen

If you watch enough athletic events, just as I do, there’s always an opportunity to witness an upset. While underdogs are capable of pulling off ... Read more

4 days ago by Cal Bryant.

Teacher shortage fixable with a better state budget

By Diane Mitchell & Dee Grissett Many North Carolina students are going back to school to find classrooms without qualified teachers. Because of a widespread ... Read more

4 days ago by Contributor.

Movie theaters provide all sorts of memorable experiences

During the recent Labor Day weekend, I did something I haven’t done since the pandemic started last year. I went to the movies. Before COVID ... Read more

1 week ago by Holly Taylor.

Save the turtles!

To the Editor: A Korean proverb maintains that “a turtle travels only when it sticks its neck out.” An unknown writer asserts that “turtles are ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Letters to the Editor.

Bury the hatchet while red handed

We utter them nearly every day, but are we aware of what those common sayings really mean? Take for example the phrase: He’s tighter than ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

Football blowout accidentally uncovers high school scam

I know I recap odd headlines of the year every December, but here’s one that had me raising my eyebrow high enough that I knew ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Holly Taylor.

Keep the ACC office in North Carolina!

How does the old saying go….if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it. It appears that the new man in charge of the Atlantic Coast ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

Pumpkin spice and other out-of-season thoughts

I woke up one day this week thinking that spring was coming soon. Then, of course, I shook off my half-asleep thoughts and quickly remembered ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Holly Taylor.

Journeys are easier with the right directions

Have you ever started a journey with a single destination in mind and wound up in a totally different place? I guess that’s happened to ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

If you build it, “we” will come

With the 2021 football campaign underway thanks to the NFL conducting pre-season games and the kick-off to the high school and college seasons right around ... Read more

1 month ago by Cal Bryant.

Speculating about the what ifs can be fun

There seems to always be something new happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU, as it’s often abbreviated). For the past decade, the studios ... Read more

1 month ago by Holly Taylor.

Watermelon Festival…the show goes on!!

For the 36th time, those responsible for the North Carolina Watermelon Festival put on one heck of a show! The volunteers who orchestrated this year’s ... Read more

1 month ago by Cal Bryant.

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