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Community works together to help those in need

To the Editor: On behalf of the Ahoskie Christian Center, I would like to thank the Roanoke-Chowan community for their donations of winter coats for ... Read more

2 days ago by Letters to the Editor.

Christmas was ‘magical’ in Historic Murfreesboro

To the Editor: We are grateful to you for bringing the Magic of Christmas to Historic Murfreesboro. Many, many positive comments were expressed about twinkling ... Read more

2 days ago by Letters to the Editor.

Thanks for making Murfreesboro merry and bright!

To the Editor: Thank you for your support in enhancing the Christmas Holidays in Murfreesboro. Combined efforts helped to lift spirits, ease stress, and make ... Read more

2 days ago by Letters to the Editor.

Destroy disinformation by emphasizing education

When Betsy DeVos, who served as the United States Education Secretary, resigned her position last week, the American Federation of Teachers issued a short press ... Read more

2 days ago by Holly Taylor.

Old shows are a modern-day stress reliever

Old COVID; a new type of that virus now surfacing in our nation; an attempt (a failed one, thankfully) to halt the certification of the ... Read more

5 days ago by Cal Bryant.

If you build it, they will come

The words that follow this opening paragraph were written by yours truly in June of 2015 in reference to the archeological findings at that time ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

Setting reasonable goals for the new year

I have a large calendar on my desk where I write down dates for meetings and interview appointments and other important reminders. Of course, when ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

A whole new meaning to ‘pig in a poke’

The final countdown is on as the few remaining hours of 2020 are upon us. And, oh what a year it’s been….one for the record ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

Heed the advice: Don’t drink & drive

If there’s one silver lining to a year clouded in darkness due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the fact that many of us will welcome ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

‘Connect’ing us all to a better tomorrow

The COVID-19 economic relief bill, worth $900 billion, approved Dec. 21 by Congress and the Senate will provide another infusion of cash to those across ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

Word of the year: adapt; what’s yours?

As the year draws to a close, it’s natural that we start looking back on all that happened and try to make some sense out ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Contributor.

Making your holiday merry and bright!

So, what is the ideal Christmas gift? Are you into all the latest gadgets….such as voice-activated “assistants” that cut on your lights, set the thermostat, ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

Bathtub music, chocolate snow, and cheese vandals

It’s no secret that 2020 has probably been the most unordinary year anyone has had in a long time. It’s been a wild rollercoaster from ... Read more

1 month ago by Holly Taylor.

What a way to end a historic year

Without a doubt, 2020 has, thus far with less than a month to go, been a year where we got far more than we bargained ... Read more

1 month ago by Cal Bryant.

Enjoy the “cupcakes” as college basketball returns

After several months of waiting, college basketball is finally back (for now, at least). When the pandemic began a more prevalent spread across the United ... Read more

1 month ago by Holly Taylor.

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