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Traditions interrupted, traditions reinvented

For more than a decade now, my Memorial Day weekend plans have always consisted of taking a trip to downtown Raleigh for the annual “Animazement” ... Read more

3 days ago by Holly Taylor.

Are you a cart returner or cart deserter?

It was a case of behavioral targeting that took a real-life twist. Bored out of my mind with another “Stay-at-Home” order day, I turned to ... Read more

6 days ago by Cal Bryant.

College experiences leave lasting impacts

This month marks eight years since I graduated college, and sometimes I can’t believe it’s been that many years already. Eight years isn’t really all ... Read more

1 week ago by Holly Taylor.

Mourning the loss of two personal favorites

Raised by a father who frowned on rock-and-roll music and who was a Washington Redskins fan, I totally was on the opposite end of the ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

The Sweet Tea Saga

Plenty of good adventure stories feature a quest for something important. The main character, either reluctant or excited, sets off on a life-changing journey to ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Holly Taylor.

Internet access a big barrier to overcome

For more than a month now, I’ve been adjusting to being a “stay at home” reporter. Like many others having to work from home in ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Holly Taylor.

Answering the 10 million dollar question

From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic here in the United States, the message from all levels of government has centered on the need to ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

Five animated movies to enjoy with family

Lately I’ve been pulling out my DVDs to watch some of my old favorite movies. I greatly enjoy writing movie reviews, so this week I’m ... Read more

1 month ago by Holly Taylor.

Powerful words from a wounded heart

It goes without saying that there are some children and teens still rejoicing over the fact that schools are shut down. But then there are ... Read more

1 month ago by Cal Bryant.

Zonkeys, rice ATMs, and presidential workouts

Every now and then, I like to brush up on my geography skills just for fun. And since I’ve had some extra free time on ... Read more

1 month ago by Holly Taylor.

Words of comfort

To the Editor: This is what I read from the Bible….the book of Joshua, Chapter 1, Verse 9: “Have not I command thee? Be strong ... Read more

1 month ago by Letters to the Editor.

Together we will beat COVID-19

To the Editor: Do you also find it hard to believe that only six weeks ago a slate of presidential candidates were making last chance ... Read more

1 month ago by Letters to the Editor.

COVID-19 – good news; bad news

Let’s start off with some good news for a change. Late last week, the Internal Revenue Service announced that they would begin sending out the ... Read more

1 month ago by Cal Bryant.

No ‘pause button’ for Mother Nature

Life may be on hold for a lot of us right now. We’ve seen events and activities and vacation plans canceled. Many people have lost ... Read more

2 months ago by Holly Taylor.

Legendary characteristics times two

Not a single word was said, but yet a powerful message of love and respect was clear to see and understand. As cars, trucks and ... Read more

2 months ago by Cal Bryant.

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