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‘Big brother’ leaves a lasting impact

It’s hard to drive by the brick building on the right, just past Wendy’s on US 13 South, and not think of the good old ... Read more

2 days ago by Cal Bryant.

Privacy remains priority even in pandemic

The News Herald reported earlier this week that the Roanoke-Chowan area has had its first confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus). We always knew we’d ... Read more

6 days ago by Holly Taylor.

‘The Gambler’ gave us a great ride

With our attention focused squarely on all the latest news concerning the COVID-19 virus and its widespread impact on our daily lives, perhaps some missed ... Read more

1 week ago by Cal Bryant.

Suggestions for staying at home

By now we’re all aware that we’ll be spending a lot more time at home in the foreseeable future because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Holly Taylor.

Desperate times call for desperate measures

As of this writing on Sunday afternoon (March 15), our state was reporting 32 confirmed cases of COVID-19, more than doubled the 15 cases from ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

Is it time for a colorful metaphor?

Did you know it used to be illegal to curse in public in Virginia? That’s right, no matter how much you’d like to drop a ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Holly Taylor.

English language: entertaining and mysterious

American English, without a doubt, is the most entertaining of all languages, especially when it comes to word pronunciation and double meanings. Take for example ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

Foggy mornings shouldn’t obscure safe driving

The past few weeks we’ve had several foggy mornings, which isn’t too unusual for the weather around here this time of year. I’ve always greatly ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Holly Taylor.

The last of the ‘giants’ passes on

Little did I know nearly 50 years ago of the impact that three giants in the printing industry would have on my career. After graduating ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Cal Bryant.

Leave no scientific stone unturned

This past week I finished watching the first season of a delightful anime series called “Dr. Stone.” The story takes place in the future after ... Read more

1 month ago by Holly Taylor.

It’s okay to cry, Michael … I did too

Monday evening, on a replay, I watched the great basketball megastar Michael Jordan make the greatest assist of his career. He held out his hand ... Read more

1 month ago by Gene Motley.

Leap here for some interesting facts

NHL goalie Cam Ward; retired Burlesque dancer Tempest Storm; TikTok star Nickolas Ray; and the late, great singer Dinah Shore. What does that widely varied ... Read more

1 month ago by Cal Bryant.

Not a tragedy, but another miracle

I’m one of those people who remembers what they were doing at moments of historical significance: the King or Kennedy assassinations, space shuttle explosion, first ... Read more

1 month ago by Gene Motley.

Healthy dose of skepticism needed for Facebook news

I don’t browse my Facebook very much. I typically just skim the first five or six things that pop up at the top, but maybe ... Read more

1 month ago by Holly Taylor.

Gloom, despair, and agony on me

There’s all sorts of fun things to do while at home recovering from the flu. I was getting really good at the exciting game of ... Read more

1 month ago by Cal Bryant.

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